Almost each world capital has its own diamond. It is something that makes this metropolis dissimilar to others – Eiffel Tower in Paris, shining Manhattan skyscrapers in New York. In the metropolis of the wedding world such diamond is a new author’s collection of Eva Utkina, «Metropolis Diamond», which combines all the best and brightest in this industry. Each bride in the dress of Eva Utkina will shine like a diamond on her own wedding, will become the most beautiful and unique. Exquisite laces, perfect fit and flawless cut will underline all your attractions, will make your image multi-layered and fabulous. You will be in the spotlight, because this is your holiday and you meet it in a luxurious dress from Eva Utkina! On this gala day the only diamond in the whole world is you!

Eva Utkina

Dress authentication
Dress authentication

Dress authentication

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